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America, Don't Give Up ...

is 17-year-old, Christian Hodges', urgent call to action. American citizens have become so accustomed to exercising their God-given right to freedom of speech that many have forgotten its immense worth. This has led to a myriad of people touting 'hate speech' laws as the solution to America's growing divide. Enacting this legislation would be the outset of America's downfall because these laws stand in direct opposition to the provision of America's essential liberties. Trading these indispensable freedoms for temporary safety would spell the end of the great "American experiment." This would render America to be a tyrannical nation, not a free society. We the People have a part to play. You must act – now! Lead the way today, and tomorrow's generation will forever treasure your sincere stand. What decision will you make today? Will you stand up for freedom of speech no matter what it takes?  America's posterity depends on it. America depends on you! American, what do you choose – temporal safety or essential liberty?

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